USF takes the win at Red Carpet Rivals

Red Carpet Rivals, an event hosted by our good friends at Red Bull, went down tonight in the historic Centro Ybor Square. Filmmakers from The University of Tampa and The University of South Florida went head to head to produce the best four-minute film short following the theme, “Welcome to my world…UT/USF.”

Congratulations to Brandin Lewis, Rafael Martin, and Miguel Cardona! They put together a pretty controversial entry, where the plot was themed around a USF student having a romantic evening with a UT girl, dropping her off at her dorm (at UT), then heading back to the USF campus for his lecture. Before heading into class he takes a moment (atop the parking garage) to reminisce about the awesome life that he gets to experience as a USF student, here in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Lets just say this short film really got the theatre revved up and the tension was high during the Q&A portion of the event. A panel of three judges asked both groups about their concept and execution process. It was entertaining to watch the UT students follow each response with a stab at the USF production team, as our boys calmly stood by, confident of their short film. The audience’s vote ultimately determined the true winner, which we are proud to announce, was USF!!!

Without further adieu, here is the production that took home the win… GO BULLS!

Here are some photos of the guys at the event… visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red visits Red Carpet Rivals with Red Bull

Immediately following the competition we were able to watch a special screening of The Halo Effect, a documentary film following three of the world’s best kayakers as they paddle Scandinavia, Iceland, and Norway’s arctic rapids in search of rapids never run before.

Watch the trailer:

Thank you to Red Bull for continually directing and producing events that push the limits and are extremely fun to attend. Also, congratulations again to Brandin Lewis, Rafael Martin, and Miguel Cardona for putting together one kick ass short film. We are proud to cover these events and support the student body of the University of South Florida.

Keep up the good work students, we hope to see more and more of your involvement and talents showcased in events like this one.


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