Octoberfest Tampa 2011

So the time has come again, the end of the endless summer, where the trees bare their skin and the days become shorter (longer nights? I’m in favor!)

It also means we are in for some great holiday traditions; Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. But, lets not skip one of our favorite. Octoberfest!

This weekend Tampa is hosting it’s second annual Octoberfest Celebration in Highland Park just north of Downtown Tampa. Last year’s Octoberfest Tampa had around 6,000 in attendance, and they expect even more this year!

Whats Special to This Event?

Warsteiner & Konig Ludwig chose Tampa for a second time to supply the event with their limited Bavarian Royal Wedding Festbier. Only a certain amount of Festbier is brewed for import to the United States, and since us Tampanians impressed this elite brewer so well, they’ve decided to concentrate Florida’s supply to Octoberfest Tampa 2011!

What to Expect?

Octoberfest Tampa 2011 is host to many delicious beers, food, music and games.

Octoberfest Tampa

"Beer Wench" filling Stein

Don’t forget your ID at home, you’ll need it in order to purchase a variety of different beers and the fancy glassware it goes in! Options range from half liters to full steins, and of course the crowd’s favorite, “Bierstiefel” or Beer Boot.

Just don’t forget to tip the Beer Wenches (yeah, you heard me correct)!

Octoberfest Tampa USF Bulls

"Beer Wench" Pouring Beer

Octoberfest is home for many German dishes, including Brats (Beef, Nurmburger, Bratwurst), Schnitzel, Potato Pancakes, Pretzels, and many other German Pastries.

Also, Octoberfest Tampa is hosting a handful of games ranging from Individual Stein Hoisting to Two-Player “Carry the Wench” races. See the full list here.

Octoberfest Tampa USF Bulls

Stein Hoisting Competition

So put down the books, and come enjoy the beautiful weather and festivities Octoberfest Tampa 2011 has to offer! It’s an event that should not be missed!

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