How To: Survive College Final Part 10.

10. Land an internship before the year is over. The one thing most of my college graduate friends regret not doing, is getting an internship over the summer, or a week long internship over Spring Break. This is such a great tool to help narrow down exactly what you enjoy doing. Without any of my internships, I would’ve never been able to confidently cross professions off my “maybe” or even “love” lists. Until you try it, you will never know.

There is a second benefit to an internship. An internship is great experience to include on your resume. Most college students hardly have any substantial work experience to include, but an internship shows not only additional knowledge in a field, but a go-getter attitude, and tenacity. Taking an unpaid job, or job for class credit shows a lot about your character, and most employers look highly upon college students that do so.

Plus, internships normally come with perks, after all you are most likely working for free, so don’t be surprised if you get free lunches, tickets to events, or a flexible schedule.

Check out these links to Awesome Internships around the country!
Want to intern for ESPN, MTV, Facebook, or the FBI? Marvel Comics? Or Apple?

If YOU have a tip you feel is just as important as my Top 10 tips on How to Survive College, listed above, free to comment. I would love to hear what has helped you get though college life at USF.

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