How To: Survive College Part 9.

Ok, on to part 9!

9. Network. Network. Network. Never again will you have an opportunity to party, hang out with, or just see 40,000+ young people who are all most likely going through a very similar college life experience. Make friends, connections, keep in touch, and remember, these are the people who will end up being your life long friends, co-workers, people you sit with in the USF Alumni section at the games, etc. It is never to early to start thinking about business and your future.

Organize the people in your life. By using tools likeĀ Google+ you are much further ahead of the game of organizing your potential business leads, partners, vendors, etc. College nightlife and parties are currently your most convenient events to network, but the next time you meet someone out, don’t just flirt over a drink, really listen. Find out what they are passionate about, what they are studying in college…who knows, they just want to start the next big million dollar idea with you?

And be sure to find out the first AND last name of the people you bring back to your dorm room.


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