How To: Survive College Part 7.

We are moving right along in this 10 step blog, “How To: Survive College“. The final three tips just may be the most important of them all.

7. Buy a tape recorder or use voice recording on your iPad2. I would’ve never passed my “Modern History from 1915 to Present” class, without a tape recorder. When teachers lecture for the entire class time it is nearly impossible to write everything that is being said, and forget trying to absorb it while you are actually spending your time sitting in the class.

Don’t do double the work. Get a recording device, like the iPad2 (go to BullsGuide, to win one now!) focus on what is happening while you are there, ask any questions, and then go home, focus on the lecture’s details when you can stop/start in the comfort of your own apartment.

You all may remember this awesome toy from the early 90′s…

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