How To: Survive College Part 5.

5. Don’t get distracted! College relationships can make or break your experience at USF if you let them. I have seen USF students find their “soul-mates” and I’ve also witnessed college students get so love sick, that they have actually dropped out of USF for a semester to get themselves together again.

Just keep in mind, this is YOUR life, and “people come in to it for reasons, seasons and lifetimes” (the words of my mother). Get control over your feelings, good or bad and make your college experience the best it can be. This doesn’t just apply to your girlfriend or boyfriend; your friends can even cause stress and worry. Don’t get caught up in the drama!

Recently gone through a break up?
Try going to the USF Gym, check out BullsGuide Events, local events, join social clubs, and just keep your eyes open around campus. You never know when you will find your next future ex… I mean love.

Watch how quickly emotions can change!

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