How To: Survive College Part 3.

3. Budget your money. Be Smart. (I know that seems like two things.) Try making a grocery list before you battle the crowds at Publix. Also, check the ends of the aisles; Publix displays their 2 for 1′s for those looking for the best deal! Cha-Ching!

Save all of your receipts for a month. See where you are spending the most, and find your weakness. If its SoHo Sushi that you can’t resist, try their college friendly lunch specials (2 rolls and a soup or salad for under $10). If your rent is what is causing you to barely make ends meet, don’t live in an apartment you can’t afford, (check out our BullsGuide Apartment Finder) and please guys, don’t go on lavish dates if you have $5 in the bank. No girl is worth credit card debt. Use our USF Price Filter to help keep you in check. (Look for my article coming soon about “Ladies’ Night”, showing you all the best places for the girls to pick up the check.)

FACT: Two most common causes of college dropouts – poor grades and depleted funds.

Take my college advice to heart please. I don’t want to see any of you on this show…ever. Yes, it’s real.

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