How To: Survive College Part 1.

Hey USF Students! Today may be your first day of college, or your first day as a fifth year senior, either way…welcome¬†to your first day of the best year of your life!! I will be providing the top 10 tips on How To: Survive College. ¬†BullsGuide wants all USF students to make it a great semester, and we have collaborated with other graduates to bring you the following “How To: Survive College” blog. This is a ten part series…

1. Actually attend all of your classes, at least for the first few weeks and make friends. This is not just so you don’t get dropped today, or have someone to take notes while you enjoy a day off of class, (yes, I actually recommend enjoying your college life every once in a while) but you may end up helping each other out come exam time. A study buddy is always a good thing.

Here is one more reason to roll out of bed today and make it to class… you don’t want to put your fellow classmates through a Bueller moment.

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