NFL Lockout Saga Continues

For the greater good of America and mankind overall, U.S. District Judge, Susan Richard Nelson, lifted the NFL’s player lockout Monday, ensuring that the Universe will not implode come fall.

Well, not so fast football fans. After the same judge rejected a request from the NFL to put lifting the lockout on hold, the league took its fight to federal appeals court, hoping her decision would be reversed.

Teams aren’t waiting for a new decision though. When some players showed up for workout they were turned back. Of the entire Cincinnati Bengals team, only offensive lineman Dennis Roland showed up to the team’s complex. He left quickly in creepy fashion.

Half a dozen New York Jets showed up to practice at their team’s complex as well, only to be turned away. Offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson was upset that he might not be able to collect the $750,000 “workout bonus” that’s in his contract. What is the world coming to?

The league and the NFL Players Association still have time to come to an agreement on player contracts before the 2011 season is scheduled to begin. That’s cool, but maybe the Supreme Court could just push aside abortion and campaign finance for a little bit and get these rich people to agree on how to split up the loot from their $9 billion industry.

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