Weekly Music Update 4/27/11

BullsGuide Music Update with DJ Camo

Good afternoon fellow Bulls! The guys at BullsGuide asked me to help share some of the newest and best music coming out today. Not only will I keep you updated with the newest music, but also other music events, such as concerts and festivals.

I will try to be very broad with my selection of music, however I have a large background in electronic music, so a lot of stuff I will post will have elements of this, however I want these blog updates to be for you guys. So please leave all feedback so I can bring you what you want. I will try my best to always have a download link along with the preview of the song, but due to copyright laws, I may not always be able to do so.

To begin this blog, I want to share a song that most people have heard of, Adele – ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Now I’m pretty positive we have all heard the original version, but DJ Inphinity bootlegged an acapella of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ with Afrojack’s – ‘Doing it Right’ in the background. Both artists are super talented and thats something we find very rare in todays music world. Take a listen and feel the power from this song!

Not much has been heard from Kelly Rowland since her mash hit with David Guetta ‘When Love Takes Over’ back in April of 2009. She has now teamed up with Lil Wayne and producer Jim Jonsin to make this the lead single on her new untitled album due to be released this year.

An official remix by electronic producer Diplo has been released and adds a dubsteppy feel to the track.


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Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne – Motivation (Diplo Remix).mp3
Kelly Rowland ft Lil Wayne – Motivation (Intro) (No Ad Lib Clean).mp3

Thats it for this week, due to finals I dont have much time to really put something together this week, but next week it will be much more detailed for you guys! See you around!

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