Looking for a New apartment in Tampa / USF area

So your current residence didn’t quite turn out to be all that you expected or perhaps your expectations have changed. No worries, BullsGuide is here for you. It’s now time to begin looking elsewhere for something that better suits your needs. Before you move, see our checklist to ensure you’re doing everything properly.

Reason for moving.

If management is not living up to their end of the bargain, maybe its time to rent elsewhere. However, if you can continue to live happily at your current apartment, but there is something minute that’s bothering you, try and fix the problem. If anything, do the best you can to fulfill your lease agreement. If you really need to break free, make sure you know what your getting into when terminating a lease early.

Know what you (do/don’t) want.

USF housing offers unique amenities everywhere you look. Set your priorities in order. If you are looking for a social place to have a good time don’t apply to an apartments or dorms that don’t condone a party lifestyle. If you don’t think you can afford that jacuzzi tub and granite counter top then don’t. Remember where that got us last time (recession?). It’s better to keep your rental history clean so when you can afford certain amenities, you’ll be able to qualify. With that said, jot down a few pitfalls you remember from past rental experiences and ensure that you check for these ahead of time. You may not be able to exclude everything from your prospective apartment, but eliminating the most important problems in the beginning is a good decision.

Outstanding Balances.

If you are breaking your current apartment lease with money owed, it is best to devise a plan on paying off that pesky debt. Your rental history is extremely important to your current and future landlord; after-all it’s the only reliable information to predict what kind of tenant they are dealing with. Most USF apartments wont accept your application if there is money owed to other apartments, so you could end up black-listing yourself from some of the best places to live. If you are making payments on your balance make sure to document it, this way you can at least explain your situation.

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