Finding The Right Roommate for Your Tampa / USF area Apartment

Searching for a roommate can be as frightening as it can be refreshing. There are over 40,000 students that attend classes at USF, leaving you with a large percentage of students looking for a place to crash. In most cases, having a roommate can be a great thing. It can cut down the rent payments, increase your social life, experience in shenanigans, yada yada yada. Back to our initial thought process: finding the right person for you can be difficult…

The best thing you can do is plan ahead (far in advance). First, figure out what you are really looking for and what type of environment you want. Then think what type of person is most likely to help create this environment with you. A corybantic roommate or a calm one; a crafty or artistic type, a partier or “green conscious” environmentalist. Someone who says they don’t like to clean should be an automatic no. Unless you have the gusto to pull this off.

Roommate Hunting.

There are many buildings at USF that have flyer posts of others in search of a roommate. Other forums for roommate searches can be found in the classifieds/Craigslist, Facebook (market place) and other social networks. If you do find a potential match, make sure you get to know the person before you make the plunge. Set up a lunch, talk online, even Facetime™ if you can. Be aware of any signs for a potentially problematic roommate. These things should come to your attention naturally.

Housing Surveys.

Another method for finding a roommate is through student housing developments. These types of communities allow you to rent just your room instead of the entire apartment. Most places around the USF campus will have a matching survey that often pair you up quite nicely.

One important reminder! Keep in mind when filling out any type of survey or description about yourself, be completely honest with the prospect (and yourself). It is best to fill these out while by yourself, the fear of being judged (mom & dad) will only cause more problems in the future.

After you consider all these options, you should be able to find someone that will be mostly right for you. Keep in mind to be patient with your roommate, and work together to live harmoniously.

Cor•y•ban•tic /ˌkôrəˈbantik/
Adjective: Wild; frenzied.-

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